For many years their charged me high price force insurance for fire. I pay my insurance $650 for 12 months and their was charge me over 2.882.00 inside of my escrown accout in the same time i paid mine i never had credit for .

third federal Savings&loan Association of Cleveland Successors&Assigns.Atima. 7007 Brodway Avenue.Cleveland.oh. Third fed sv &*** of Clevelandits scrs & or Assigns Atima .p,o box 94977 cleveland.oh.44101. Their lawyers are from Weltman.

Scott D.Fink and Benjamin N. Hoen .third federal savings and loan use many diferent names for make bill charge i don t know why is ok .

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #632114

Another comment regarding the escrow. The consumer's comment reads like they paid their home owner's insurance on their own yet the bank held money in escrow as well to pay the insurance.


A homeowner should not be paying any money directly for homeowners insurance if their bank requires an escrow account for that purpose. The bank pays the insurance out of the escrow account.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #632113

It is probable that the escrow account included taxes in addition to home owners insurance. That would explain the higher amount with held.

There are regulations regarding escrow accounts. A bank is required to recalculate yearly based on actual costs.

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