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Third federal saving and loan have been cheat in my mortgages loan account

the charge high fees and interest in 3o years fixed mortgage. the collection

play dirty with my loan account. They make false lies in the credit report and in court. look out in your loan account for no be cheat like i have been. I wish i will find justice one day Here in Ohio

They take your money and take your house to look your escrow account and your interest. read everything . Wat i say is real i have documents where i can show. I to find here online a good lawyer for help me

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This person makes zero sense? I have a loan through Third Fed, 30 year fixed rate with my property tax in escrow.

I'm no sure what this person is babbling about. Generally they operate like most mortgage servicers. They charge you a fixed rate for your mortgage. As you pay down your mortgage more money goes towards the principal and less is interest.

They charge me monthly for property tax which is placed in escrow.

I accrue interest on the money in the escrow account.

They change my escrow payment yearly based on my property taxes. They collect slightly more than my property taxes so there is a 5-10% buffer in the escrow account.

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